woocommerce product gallery images blurry

This code adds a filter to the WooCommerce single product image HTML, applying a blur filter of 5px so that the image appears slightly blurred. This is done by wrapping the image HTML in a div with the blur filter applied.

woocommerce product gallery images not showing

This code checks to see if the WooCommerce product gallery function exists and if not, then it adds the necessary scripts to enable the product gallery zoom, lightbox and slider features. It also adds the necessary theme support to ensure these features are enabled.

woocommerce get grouped product parent

This code retrieves the parent product ID for a given product ID. This parent product ID is used to identify the product’s source, such as whether the product is a child, variation, or product bundle.

woocommerce display grouped products

product->get_name(); ?> This code checks whether the WooCommerce plugin is active, then creates a list of grouped product items with their names and images. It uses the WP_Query class to query the database for grouped products and then loops through the results, creating a list item for each product with a link to its page.

woocommerce get bundled products

This code retrieves a list of bundled product IDs associated with the current post and then displays each product’s name and description. It uses functions such as get_post_meta(), wc_get_product(), and get_name() to retrieve and display the relevant information.

get_post_gallery image woocommerce

This code retrieves the images associated with a post and displays them using HTML img tags, specifying the full and thumbnail size of the images. The post meta is retrieved using the get_post_meta function and the images are retrieved using the wp_get_attachment_image_src function, which returns the image source, width, and height. The images are then […]

woocommerce product _ get_gallery_image_ids

This code retrieves the post meta for a given post ID and stores it in an array. It then loops through the array and retrieves the attachment URL for each item. The URLs are then stored in the $image_link variable. The goal of this code is to retrieve the attachment URLs of all images associated […]

woocommerce wc_get_gallery_image_html

This code obtains the product ID, retrieves the images associated with the product from the _product_image_gallery post meta, and then generates HTML for each image which can be used for outputting the product images.

woocommerce get product gallery image url

This code retrieves the product image gallery associated with a specific post and displays the associated URLs. The code gets the image gallery associated with the post ID, then uses the explode() function to create an array of images. The foreach loop cycles through each image in the array, retrieves the URL associated with the […]