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get javascript file

The code is used to enqueue a script called “my-script” with the source file being “/js/myscript.js”. The script will be

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get latest post

The code above displays the latest post from a WordPress site. It first retrieves the most recent post using the

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get language

The first line of code gets the current locale, while the second line extracts the first two characters to get

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get link

The get_permalink(); function in WordPress returns the permalink (permanent link) for the current post or page.

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get logo

code> This code is used to display a custom logo on a WordPress site. If a custom logo has been

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get language code

The wordpress code $language_code = get_language_code(); retrieves the language code for the current language set on the wordpress site. This

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get last 3 posts

The code above retrieves the three most recent posts from the WordPress site, ordered from most recent to least recent.

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